Saturday, August 13, 2005

Le Placard: Rotterdam Headphone Lounge - 4th of sept

These days I am also preparing my live remote streaming at the placard in Rotterdam the 4th of september. Probably I will work with a realtime processing of me doing the dishes. Probably there will be lot of granulation activities in my setup but I can't tell no more at the moment. I would for sure like to attend the 4-day Audio signal processing workshop at V2, Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam to get some more knowledge in PD, Pure Data. Actually the Placard is sortof the grand finale of the workshop. Frank Barknecht and Aymeric Mansoux are the workshop leaders. Pure Data, streaming media and signal processing is what is trained there.

Cohors tumultuaria

Started to work on a new track that will be called "Cohors tumultuaria". Maybe this will be included in the Rootsy Records guest artist loop project since there are so very good loops/samples included in it. This will probably be a rythmic one.

More to come...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Placard 8 in Paris 21th -24th july

I participated from remote (here from Sollefteå, Sweden) with two performances for the Placard 8 in Paris at the Galerie Glassbox 21th july to 24th of july. I was making one live all electronic stream on saturday morning and one partly live acoustic and electronic on sunday morning.
I will upload these streams soon to my soundpage among the stream from Poiters. Below is some of the performers that were participating round the time for my two remote streams.

.10:30 (CEST)
FitchPork- Tristes Tropismes - (+)
- Au pays du matin calme
.11:00 (CEST)
miulew - ugga bugga bopster - (+)
- remote live stream from the woods in northern parts of sweden

.12:00 (CEST)
borromean duo - j'improvise TRIPLE FICHTRE - (+)
- .three knots two people.

.10:30 (CEST) Jerome Tuncer - SketchBook1 - (+)
- Ambient & un peu de rythme
.11:00 (CEST) AlMozt - EinL - (+)
- ambiant
.11:30 (CEST) miulew - sound bliss #2 (the alien) - (+)
- remote live stream from the woods in northern parts of sweden
.12:00 (CEST) Psycholoque - Prospective lyrique - (+)
- annulation conceptuelle
.12:30 (CEST) Discom - paflapapa. - (+)
- gum slides & pans.

Two new International Garbageman mixes @ Tapegerm!

"Oellando (remix)" 04:34
Genre: Omnitronikx
Album: Germination ?

This is a heavily remixed old International Garbageman track called Oellando made back in 2001. Thanks to Shaud for plugins and to Omnitechnomatrix for great loops! Credits: Loops: Omnitechnomatrix open loops, International Garbageman. Mix: International Garbageman

(6.28 MB)

"I am going to bring apples home" 11:08
Genre: Abstract
Album: Germination ?

Credits: Loops from David Fuglewicz open loops, voices by Frank Lenord and Siegfried Von Schultz, recorded 1913 at kinetophone actor audition (Public Domain). Mix by International Garbageman.

(15.31 MB)

TG 24H FLU track is uploaded!

nonRiver / nonStream / nonRegret (30:47)
This track was made streaming live on the TAPEGERM - 24h flu event on the 9th of july, 2005. Streamed live with a mix of 24h-flu loops and other TG loops. AudioMulch was used for this mix at the Tapegerm five year celebration event.

album24 Hour Flu
creditsLoops by CYSTEM, Mental Anguish, International Garbageman, Heuristic Inc., Shaud, The Magical Cigarette, Mixed and streamed live at the 24 Hour Flu by: International Garbageman

The flu is over...

Well, the Tapegerm 24h flu project on the 9th of july went well and there are several evidences that now are archived over at Tapegerm Collective at the flu page.

My own stream that I made can be listened to here... or downloaded.
I titled the stream to nonRegret / nonStream / nonRiver /