Thursday, August 11, 2005

Two new International Garbageman mixes @ Tapegerm!

"Oellando (remix)" 04:34
Genre: Omnitronikx
Album: Germination ?

This is a heavily remixed old International Garbageman track called Oellando made back in 2001. Thanks to Shaud for plugins and to Omnitechnomatrix for great loops! Credits: Loops: Omnitechnomatrix open loops, International Garbageman. Mix: International Garbageman

(6.28 MB)

"I am going to bring apples home" 11:08
Genre: Abstract
Album: Germination ?

Credits: Loops from David Fuglewicz open loops, voices by Frank Lenord and Siegfried Von Schultz, recorded 1913 at kinetophone actor audition (Public Domain). Mix by International Garbageman.

(15.31 MB)


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