Monday, June 06, 2005

placard - headphone festival 6th of june

the placard headphone festival2005 → echo point scandinavia

placards, or described with other words - headphone festivals - are interesting phenomena you should discover if you haven't already. Come visit, stream and listen - or even better - set up your own placard and have people come to your place doing this!

this short placard called echo point scandinavia was set up partly to test the concept a little more deep but mainly as a preparation for a bigger placard to come later this summer.

echo point scandinavia
10:20 06/Jun/2005 (CEST)
11:40 06/Jun/2005 (CEST) see full details
.10:20 (CEST)
.miulew. - .getting to know you. - (+)
.10:40 (CEST)
.eeek. - .don't know what i can do alone in a hotel room at that hour... - (+)
.11:00 (CEST)
.miulew. - .sa, sa, so this was it?. - (+)
.11:20 (CEST)
.International Garbageman. - .investment local. - (+)

more info on placards to be found here: