Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vicky's Mosquitos - update!

Five days to go there is now more people joining in. Added those friends to the poster. Things are also starting to take shape about this performance on sunday now.... on what to do and what to not do. Probably lot's of unexpected things will happen but that should be just alright! . . . or? Of course! We're improvising!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Vicky's Mosquitos - VM12

Me and a couple of friends will be performing Vicky's Mosquitos on the 24th of september in Svanö, south of Kramfors. Follow above link to Harold Shellinx's site about his project. Don't know exactly who will be joining in, this will work out soon and it really does not matter that much as the whole thing will be very, very improvised. At last this will so happen and I am glad that it does. There will be some documentation of this event that I possible will put online somewhere. More on that later. And maybe I did not tell... the performance will be taking place in the big old oil cisterne that has this marvellous reverb time of 25 second. Last year I did a performance there with the improvisation band MäAM and that was really a blast. Think this will be as good as that as I know have some more training of making sound in that huge building. This picture shows the ceiling from the inside (from last years poster with MäAM)