Monday, April 25, 2005

froop / froopless

Two new tracks made for Tapegerm Collective.
What happens when a system is gradually transformed over time in so small segments so that you don't discover the changes made?

froopless (system) hi-fi lo-fi d/l
froop (system) hi-fi lo-fi d/l

Thursday, April 14, 2005


[ nicron sound comp - sound explorations ].[-] apr.2004
the planned release date of the CDR is mid-may 2005.
the submissions are now downloadable at

author: paul yates (GB)
tracks: rope volume 1

author: john gore (USA)
tracks: kirchenkampf: cronic

author: andrás hargitai (H)
tracks: soutien gorge: patternity

author: david trussler (GB)
tracks: foniq

author: rubén d'hers (VEN)
tracks: tejido blanco

author: balázs kovács (H)
tracks: xrc: elõtte-utána

author: thanos chrysakis (ENG)
tracks: after the rainbow

author: balázs gelsei (H)
tracks: lunar: galvani

author: toni dimitrov (MAK)
tracks: sound_00: nicron remix

author: fred debief (F)
tracks: egopusher / she rope

author: rafael flores (E)
tracks: respektlosigkeit / sinectica / r

author: björn eriksson (S)
tracks: miulew: vehicle

author: zsolt havasi (H)
01 gelka: ballet (travels)
02 gelka: ballet (breeze in forest)
03 gelka: ballet (struggle)
04 gelka: ballet (alone)
05 gelka: ballet (human bone)
06 gelka: ballet (run)
07 gelka: ballet (ether)
08 gelka: ballet (emotion)

Ice melting on the floor

This picture is from outdoor floor at upper deck at Finland boat Serenade... and Miulew blog is now up and running. After some initial hesitations about blogging I decided to go for a blog. Here I will tell you if there is something new out there to listen to... or old aswell if I upload something anywhere on the net. Some photos will also arrive here to add some colour.

Nice and free VST plugins and other goodies

This was sent on the mulch discussion list by "littlegrafter" (thanks)...