Sunday, March 25, 2007

.microsound pi project 2007 - ludolph & lambert

There is an Miulew track for the recently project over at .microsound
This is once again a pi project. You can listen/download my track along with the other contributions over at the podcast page
Ludolph and Lambert is my track entitled and the reason why is that these two figures was kinda important to our days understanding of the pi number. Here is my track description:
>ludolph_and_lambert.mp3 >some sinus tones related to the pi number were tweaked about 3.1415 times >and a master sound was produced. then about 3.1415 times this master sound >was processed further. / miulew []

If you are into podcast receiving, please also check the other podcasts over at .microsound. Here you find the most of the .microsounds project from last years.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vicky's Mosquitos #13

The 14th of march 2007 was the date of the thirteenth Vicky's Mosquitos. This was made from within the virtual world called Second Life and also at same time streamed and screened in "Real Life" at WAAG in Amsterdam. There is more to read and listen to elsewhere, but I suggest a first visit to Harold Schellinx soundblog.

If you just want to listen (or download) to how the performance sounded you can go to my podomatic post.