Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things coming up in august...

Ok... been so long time since i blogged now - so i take the opportunity to write about some different things coming up. Both ongoing projects and some starting soon in august. Here we go...

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is a project I have been involved in since februar 2007. This is an virtual orchestra in Second Life that have about 15 members all over world. We play different new music that are composed by the members. We only use virtual instruments and in-world sounds but we often appears in mixed reality situations/events. I have been writing three pieces for the orchestra, Rue Blanche, FRAGULA and Vicky's Mosquitos 13 (which was the virtual adaption of Harold Schellinx project Vickys Mosquitos).

Since earlier works with Rinus van Alebeek in spring in Eskilstuna/Stockholm it has now happened that I am responsible for the virtual section of festival day 10th august 2007 of Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival in Berlin by Rinus van Alebeek. I will be in Berling during the festival days 10th and 11th aug. I will be playing on Stralau 68 on the 11th aug. See more on the the festival blogsite.

After the Berlin stay I will go down to south Germany to meet the Pomodoro Bolzano group... there i am along other things curating/producing the Plac.Art.X , an 12 hour placard/headphone festival in the gallery of Leeren Beutel in Regensburg. This is taking place on 18th august during the art.xxXtenxion weeks in august 2007.

... and last but not the least (and related to the above happenings) I am glad to tell that I am artist-in-residence during this summer 2007 at Pomodoro Bolzano the media art group in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany. I am sure the stay there in august will
be awesome. Some of the above projects that we will work on has been long planned during all spring and some other projects not mentioned here will surely be expanded in unknown directions. I am sure I will have things to blog about later on all these things...

Take care!


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