Thursday, January 18, 2007

PlacardX in Helsinki - line up


.18:00 (EET) .squidroses. - .shoegazin 4-ever. - (+)
- .post post proust progfolk.
.18:30 (EET) .nosfe. - ..... - (+)
- .improvisation.
.19:00 (EET) .Rene Kita. - .Nietzsche recitation. - (+)
- .Deconstructive reading of Nietzsche accompanied by acoustic guitar, forks scraping on metal and squeaky rubber rats.
.19:30 (EET) .Lola Jane. - .Lola without Lubrijkaa. - (+)
- .cute midi.
.20:00 (EET) .snowy mountain. - .mini-musique. - (+)
- .guitar, vocals, mini-synths.
.20:30 (EET) .kuupuu. - .spooky boogie. - (+)
- .loops, vocals, tapes.
.21:00 (EET) .Harmoniüm. - .Slowpokes. - (+)
- .Droning soundwaves.
.21:30 (EET) .VerhaverbekeWiderberg. - .nosumo. - (+)
- .[gitarr + laptoppi] x 2.
.22:00 (EET) .O Samuli A. - .Bleeps and Styles v.1.0. - (+)
- .Chipsound meets Peräkammarielectronica.
.22:30 (EET) .ImproMasters. - .ImproMasters. - (+)
- .Free Improvisation group with technology.
.23:00 (EET) .ImproMasters. - (+)
.23:30 (EET) .ImproMasters. - (+)


.00:00 (EET) .marko timlin. - .turtlegun. - (+)
- .the sense of loosing the beauty of time.
.00:30 (EET) .Hundre haubajas.
- .free improvisation on keyboards.
.01:00 (EET) ...Kreshimir... - ...Electromotor 8-18V... - (+)
- ...Its spinning and it used to be in hair trimmer...
.01:30 (EET) .siBOLiUS. - .classical moisture. - (+)
- .ham monde from school of meat cutting.
.02:00 (EET) ---
.02:30 (EET) .Erik Minkkinen. - .perc. - (+)
- .pings pangs and shouts.
.03:00 (EET) .Miulew. - .Dust Hereby in Stereo, pt 2. - (+)
- .remote live stream from sollefteå sweden.
.03:30 (EET) ---
.04:00 (EET) .B.iAs. - .san miguel cnx. - (+)
- .electronika stream from barcelone.
.04:30 (EET) .in. - .out. - (+)
- .early morning farming.
.05:00 (EET) .Hans Kompis utan Kompis. - .morhan:. - (+)
- .Don Nou.
.05:30 (EET) ---
.06:00 (EET) ---
.06:30 (EET) ---
.07:00 (EET) ---
.07:30 (EET) ---
.08:00 (EET) ---
.08:30 (EET) ---
.09:00 (EET) .Kulkija. - .Rising with the Sun. - (+)
- .NWOFNA -drones.
.09:30 (EET) .kerttu. - .still balcony. - (+)
- .immobile botanical voices and harmonies from a group of two and a half persons.


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