Monday, October 09, 2006

Calvino frequency at (R)Audioscoop Maastricht Placard

So I finally got thru via the Locus Sonus patch. A bit of technological mysteries tested our patience the hours before. While rebootin I went out and chopped some wood. Later during stream there was also some nice intermezzo with an old friend of mine showing up here at home and trying to fix the chainsaw. Very nice and good indeed. Just a surprise that added to the qualities of the "Calvino frequency" set that I did at the (R)Audioscoop Maastricht Placard. For those of you that did not make it there in time, can for a starter download and listen to my set here. I believe some of the acts of this placard will be transmitted later onwards on the Raudio Podcast (and Vodcast?).


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