Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Participating with one track "bAllAd olo dAllAb" on Walter Cianciuci's


A collection of music and sound events assembled by Walter Cianciusi

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Roger Stevens - Bottom Of The Stairs (2:52)
Björn Eriksson - bAllAd olo dAllAb (1:55)
Ken Friedman - Heat Transfer Event (3:15)
Walter Cianciusi - #70 (da Richard Strauss "Serenata in mi bemolle
maggiore per 13 strumenti a fiato op. 7") (0:30)
ID M Theft Able - Woob Woob (1:57)
Madawg - Mad Dog (0:20)
Alan Bowman - Kitchen Pt. 1 (from Potential Party Place Trilogy) (5:22)
mIEKAL aND - Summertime (0:58)
Alan Bowman - Kitchen Pt. 2 (from Potential Party Place Trilogy) (4:45)
mIEKAL aND - Kakapo Blues (1:20)
Alan Bowman - Kitchen Pt. 3 (from Potential Party Place Trilogy) (3:50)
Brad Brace - Sweatheart (0:07)
Carol Starr - Peace Now (0:59)
Mario Volpe - Fads, Fancies & Fakes (4:39)
John M. Bennett - Glue (excerpt) (1:47)
Josh Ronsen - For Christian Wolff (1:10)
Michael Leigh - AntiOnion Helmet (1:33)
Rod Stasick - Fiercely Destined Carbons (1:27)
Tibor Macek/Rinus Van Alebeek - Liebe Und Kleine Haustiere (7:14)
TNTRN plays the stgo. flux. ex. (5:20)
Gabriel Swossil - Fluxus Anthology 2005 (2:33)
Sol Nte - Sentimental Education (3:50)

· Audio CD
· Number Of Discs: 1
· Number Of Tracks: 22
· Packaging: Jewel Case with Booklet and Tray Card
· Release Date: 1/1/2006

NOISY is a four letter word. The most unwanted byproduct of population
is noise. Noise is a weed to be plowed under, for hope of a flower
later, that a planet so wealthy with a resource that is pungent with
chaotic bits of info could rhetorically sacrifice it to the distant
surroundings, to the recent past. Noise is a food like oxygen, or is a
piece of information like the mail.
Noise has entered our waking conscience, forcefully & can not be
relinquished to the un/sub conscience. There lies within noise a manner
of empowerization that is both organic & suggestive. Noise constitutes
all that remains undigested, confused & in opposition.
Noise is the diamond of the future, mined & recycled for its luster,
for its clues to the nature & construction of infinity. Noise
reproduces in all directions with nucleic passion, with spidery

Walter Cianciusi
Via Montello 80
67051 Avezzano (AQ)


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